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ISSN: 2333-2425

Title              : International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing Science
Frequency    : Quarterly
Website        : http://www.cayley-nielson.com/ijamcs
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Submit new manuscript to online submission system on the official website of IJCISA at the http://www.cayley-nielson.com/ijamcs/paper_submission.html.


International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing Science (IJAMCS) is of interest to a wide audience of mathematicians, scientists, researchers and engineers focused on the practical issues in applied mathematics. The IJAMCS mainly publishes original research papers that apply mathematical concepts, theories and methods to other related subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, information science, environmental science, etc. We encourage everyone to subscribe to the print version of our journal for timely and steady supply of our publications. To enter your subscription, please visit the Subscription section. It also seeks to promote the transfer of knowledge between professionals in academia and industry by emphasizing research in which results are of interest or applicable to practices. The journal publishes original research papers; review papers; technical papers and notes; short communications; discussion on papers; cases studies.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • •Differential equations (ODEs and PDEs)
    •Numerical analysis
    •Scientific computing
    •Approximation theory and representation theory
    •Matrix theory
    •Mathematical physics
    •Mathematical methods of engineering
    •Optimization, operations research
    •Linear and nonlinear programming
    •Continuous modelling control theory
    •Mathematical biology, bioinformatics
    •Information theory
    •Game theory, probability
    •Mathematical economics
    •Financial mathematics
    •Actuarial science
    •Graph theory
    •Theoretical computer science
    •Stochastic systems theory
    •Mechanics of solids
    •Materials science and fluids
    •Statistical learning theory