International Journal of Advanced Materials Chemistry and Physics


International Journal of Advanced Materials Chemistry and Physics (ISSN: 2378-9662, E-ISSN: 2381-5590) is devoted to short communications, full-length research papers and feature articles on interrelationships among structure, properties, processing and performance of materials. The Editors welcome manuscripts on thin films, surface and interface science, materials degradation and reliability, metallurgy, semiconductors and optoelectronic materials, fine ceramics, magnetics, superconductors, specialty polymers, nano-materials and composite materials. The journal includes a wide range of fields in its discipline to create a platform for the authors to make their contribution towards the journal and the editorial office promises a peer review process for the submitted manuscripts for the quality of publishing.


Current Issue

Volume 5, Number 1, April 2021

A Brain MR Image Segmentation Method Based on DA-Unet and Superpixel
Mengxin Li,Xujing Zhang,Kexue Hu,Kefu Li,Chaoyu Han, Xinghua Wang
2021 Vol. 5 (1) : 1-15 PDF

Cerebrovascular Image Segmentation Algorithm Based on FCM Based on Local Information
Mengxin Li, Kexue Hu, Xujing Zhang, Xinghua Wang, Chaoyu Han, Kefu Li
2021 Vol. 5 (1) : 16-23 PDF


Originality and Plagiarism

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